Editorial Board

in alphabetical order

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Anthony Celano (Ph.D., MSL, Toronto. Stonehill College. Aquinas, Aristotle, medieval ethics, practical reason)

Michael Cholbi (Ph.D., Virginia. Cal Poly Pomona. Kant, history of punishment, suicide)

David Crossley (Ph.D., London. Saskatchewan. Bradley, 19th century)

Lara Denis (Ph.D., Cornell. Agnes Scott. Kant)

Patrick Frierson (Ph.D., Notre Dame. Whitman. Kant, early modern)

Mark Migotti (Ph.D., Yale. Calgary. Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Peirce)

Dale Miller (Ph.D., Pittsburgh. Old Dominion. Mill, consequentialism)

Jon Miller (Ph.D, Toronto. Queen’s. Spinoza, Stoic and Hellinistic philosophy)

James Otteson (Ph.D., Chicago. Alabama. Smith, early modern)

Julie Piering (Ph.D., Emory. Northern Arizona. Ancient Greek, Continental)

Fred Rauscher (Ph.D., Penn. Michigan State. Kant, Hutcheson)

Michael Seidler (Ph.D. Western Kentucky. Early modern)

Rob Shaver (Ph.D., Pittsburgh. University of Manitoba. Rousseau, Hobbes, Hume, early modern, egoism)

Tom Tuozzo (Ph.D, Yale. Kansas. Plato, Aristotle)

Thomas Williams (Ph.D., Notre Dame. South Florida. Medieval Ethics)

Contact us at editor@historyofethics.org