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Published June 2008

Susan Purviance (University of Toledo), Richard Price's Contextualist Rationalism (also available: PDF version)

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Calls for Papers

SHE is currently soliciting manuscripts for two future symposia:

Ethics and Emotions in the History of Philosophy
Philosophers 'rediscovered' the ethical significance of the emotions in the latter part of the twentieth century. Yet moral philosophers have taken the emotions as a central object of study since ancient times. This symposium will publish papers that illuminate the place that emotions have played in the history of moral philosophy. Papers on all eras and figures in the history of philosophy are welcome.

Extended Submission deadline: August 1, 2008

Ethics in the American Philosophical Tradition
It has now been four centuries since Europeans began to establish permanent settlements in the Americas, bringing with them their philosophical and ethical traditions. In the 400 years that have passed, has a distinctly American tradition in philosophical ethics emerged? If so, what are its defining features or concerns, and how does it relate to European ethical traditions? This symposium will publish papers on all aspects of the American philosophical tradition.

Submission deadline: December 15, 2008

Please see our Submissions Guidelines for detailed submission instructions.

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