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Published June 2008

Susan Purviance (University of Toledo), Richard Price's Contextualist Rationalism (also available: PDF version)

Published December 2007

Symposium on Mill's Ethics:
Commemorating the Bicentennial of J.S. Mill's Birth

Guest Editor: Jonathan Riley (Tulane University)

Troy Booher (University of Utah), J.S. Mill's Test for Higher Pleasure (also available: PDF version)

James Edwin Mahon (Washington and Lee University / Princeton University), The Morality of On Liberty (also available: PDF version)

Kyle Swan (National University of Singapore), When Experiments in Living Go Awry (also available: PDF version)

Published November/December 2006

Sara A. Brill (Fairfield University), Medical Moderation in Plato's Symposium (also available: PDF version)

Owen Goldin (Marquette University), Ciceronian Business Ethics (also available: PDF version)

Published September 2006

Robert Metcalf (University of Colorado at Denver), Unrequited Narcissism: On the Origin of Shame (also available: PDF version)

Published February 2006

Symposium: The Ethics of War and Peace in Historical Perspective

Guest Editor: Larry May (Washington University, St. Louis)

Larry May (Washington University, St. Louis), Grotius and Contingent Pacifism (also available: PDF version)

Andrew Fiala (California State University, Fresno), The Vanity of Temporal Things: Hegel and the Ethics of War (also available: PDF version)

Robert Hoag (Berea College), The Recourse to War as Punishment: A Historical Theme in Just War Theory (also available: PDF Version)

Eric Rovie (Georgia State University), Reevaluating The Historical Evolution of Double Effect: Anscombe, Aquinas, and The Principle of Side-Effects (also available: PDF version)

Benjamin Straumann (Hauser Global Law School Program, New York University), The Right to Punish as a Just Cause of War in Hugo Grotius' Natural Law (also available: PDF version)

Review: Nancy Sherman, Stoic Warriors: The Ancient Philosophy Behind the Military Mind (Oxford University Press, 2005), Reviewed by Phillip Mitsis (New York University) (also available: PDF version)

Published August 2005

J. Mahon (Washington and Lee University), Emotivism and Internalism: Ayer and Stevenson (also available: PDF version)

Published June 2005

C. McCluskey (St. Louis University), Willful Wrongdoing: Thomas Aquinas on certia malitia (also available: PDF version)

Symposium: Kant and his Historical Predecessors

A. Wood (Stanford University), Kant’s History of Ethics (also available: PDF version)

S. McAleer (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire), Kant and Aristotle on the Difficulty of Moral Knowledge: Lessons from the Doctrine of Virtue (also available: PDF version)